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Automation & BMS Home automation & BMS

Home automation & BMS

Home automation & BMS are a set of smart integrated services in a house or building, supported by a number of systems and subsystems that offer the users great benefits in terms of comfort, savings and energy management, security, communications and information.

Briefly, your property will be alive, detect problems by itself, act accordingly, and inform you with all what happened.



  • Wired EIB system
  • Wireless RF Automation system
  • Wireless ZigBee® Automation system
  • Building Management System


Main features:

  • Control your lights on/off, dimmable automatically when needed
  • Lights turn on ahead of you at night as you walk around
  • Automatically Control your Air Conditioners and Heaters based on actual and expected occupancy, weather forecast and local thermostat control.
  • Control remotely your rolling shutters and blinds.
  • Enable/disable electrical appliances/pumps remotely or based on a certain trigger.
  • Monitor your house/building from anywhere and see at a glance what’s happening
  • Turn your TV on/off, play music, news, podcasts, … in any room or zone
  • Integrate your system with your CCTV system, Access Control, Intrusion and Fire Alarms where it can sense what’s happening and act accordingly.
  • Connect your system to your Video Door Phone system and activate/deactivate your Automatic Garage Door accordingly.
  • Save up to  40% power consumption on electricity usage



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